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11Cap Exterior Sunset

11Cap Offices

Kirkland, WA

This project was conceived by the owners group a hub for the group of businesses that they operate in Kirkland Washington.  It is intended to provide a nexus for client development, apres-work entertainment, lifestyle spaces and employee education.  The core of the project is a large show garage that is at once auto display venue, gathering space and entertainment facilities with bar, wine cellar, media area and art.  There is a large connected outdoor space with seating, BBQ area with easy access to the public park immediately next door.  The second-floor offices and conference room overlook the show garage spaces.  These offices are joined by supporting staff areas and communal seating positions through the floor.  The upper floor is the where the majority of the staff spaces are located with a central meal area, educational conference spaces and open work areas to be shared as needed.  The building site atop a subterranean garage covers the majority of the site providing the bulk of the daily parking needs.  This maintains the low-density context of the surrounding neighborhood and public park.

The project is clad in beautifully clear Northwest Cedar, steel panels and aluminum curtainwall systems that provide a design that is both solid and permanent but approachable and light.

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